Your Guide to Summer Bikini Waxing

Summer often means swimsuits and more revealing clothing and, along with that, less body hair. While shaving remains the standard method of removing hair, it does not compare to the longer results of a bikini wax. Your first body waxing appointment in Gilbert, AZ often comes with anticipation as well as nerves. But a few preparation and maintenance tips will make this a less painful experience and allow you to focus on the results. Here are six tips to follow before and after your bikini wax:

  • Avoid shaving: We know the stubble is annoying, but we cannot wax unless your body hair is at least a quarter-inch long. That length allows the wax to grip hair tightly and pull it out clean by the root. Without that, your hair grows back sooner. As hair grows, exfoliate daily to remove dead skin and prevent ingrown hairs. However, do not over-exfoliate, or you will damage your skin and face more pain at your appointment.
  • Know it will hurt: The first wax is painful because your body hair remains deeply rooted in your skin. But once you get through this first step, subsequent waxes are more manageable and may eventually become painless. You can also reduce pain by taking a warm shower before your appointment and taking over-the-counter painkillers like Tylenol or ibuprofen. Also, never schedule a wax appointment three days before your period. Your skin is more sensitive at that time.
  • Wear loose clothes: After waxing, your skin will not appreciate close contact. Wear loose clothes to your appointment and avoid anything that causes friction. Otherwise, you risk developing rashes or even infections.
  • Make follow-up appointments: Once you start getting bikini waxes, you must maintain them and avoid trimming or shaving between appointments. Most clients schedule waxing every four to six weeks. Your schedule depends on your hair growth rate, and as your body hair thins, you can likely wait longer between appointments.
  • Avoid the sun: We know you are anxious to show off your new look at the pool, but you need to wait a few days. Sun exposure causes hyperpigmentation if you expose your waxed areas too soon. Instead, wait a few days and stay indoors. Cover up in loose, breathable clothing when you are outside. When your skin heals, you will be swimsuit ready and prepared to enjoy the sun.
  • Do not irritate your skin: Besides controlling sun exposure, you need to be nice to your skin in other ways. Before your appointment, stock up on fragrance-free skin products. You can then moisturize your skin without causing a rash or further irritation. Also, avoid high-intensity workouts, especially aerobics, biking, running or any other activity known for producing the hated “crotch sweat.” Friction also leads to rashes and possibly skin infections.

Gilbert Wax Bar, LLC provides body waxing for men and women in Gilbert, AZ. We do it all, from brow waxing to bikini waxing, and will help you enjoy smooth, supple skin without a hint of razor burn. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

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