What to Expect During Your Brow Shaping Appointment

Your first brow shaping or waxing appointment can be a little intimidating—after all, your aesthetician is about to pull hair out of your face for the sake of beauty—but you’ll quickly find that there’s nothing to worry about. Brow shaping is less painful than you might think, and the results are worth it.

Read on to learn more about what to expect from your eyebrow waxing and shaping appointment in Gilbert, AZ.

Choosing a shape and method

Choosing a brow shape is the most important part of your appointment. Unless you have other ideas in mind, the team at Gilbert Wax Bar will base the shape on your natural eyebrows, just cleaner and neater. If you’re going for a new look, just bring in a photo of what you’re trying to achieve. We’ll help you get the shape you want and show you how to take care of your brows.

What kind of method should you choose? For beginners, try a brow shaping appointment first. You’ll consult with a trained aesthetician about the ideal size and shape for your eyebrows, based on your face shape, measurements and bone structure. Your aesthetician will remove any unwanted hair from your brows, then fill them in with a pencil or powder to achieve the perfect shape for you. During the consultation, they’ll also show you exactly how to get the look on your own—this includes both cosmetic usage as well as where you might want to let your brows grow out.

Brow waxing is great for when you already know the brow shape you want. Your aesthetician smooths warm wax over your brows, applies a cloth and then pulls the hair out. You should get a brow waxing every three or four weeks.

Other considerations

If you’ve got over-tweezed eyebrows, you should opt for a shaping appointment over a wax. Your aesthetician will evaluate how your hair grows, the color and the shape to determine a game plan. (For example, a dab of castor oil applied to your eyebrows can encourage hair growth.) If you’ve gotten to the point where the hair no longer grows, they can show you how to fill in your brows with cosmetics to get the look you want.

Some clients come in for consultations after dramatic facial hair loss, such as while undergoing chemotherapy. Our aestheticians show the client how to create an eyebrow shape despite the lack of hair, and how to fill it in properly. This often helps a client retain some sense of appearance-related “normalcy.”

No matter your reason for eyebrow shaping and waxing in Gilbert, AZ, it’s key to visit an aesthetician that uses the safest techniques and will take the time to help you understand what’s happening. Always notify them if you’ve had allergic reactions to wax in the past.

For all your eyebrow-related needs, call or reach out to Gilbert Wax Bar, LLC online to book an appointment with us. We can’t wait to help you look and feel your best.

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