What Is a Vajacial Treatment?

With each passing year, people are becoming more aware of the need for personal care. Imagine, just a few decades ago, people were unsure about the benefits of the facial. Now, the variety of options for exfoliating, moisturizing and lotioning are nearly boundless.

Those same rehabilitative techniques are now being delivered to a woman’s intimate areas. With the rise in vaginal cosmetic procedures, like bikini waxes, it’s only natural for nurturing treatments to follow suit.

Enter the vajacial, one of the most increasingly popular options for clients interested in face and body waxing in Gilbert, AZ. If you haven’t explored the benefits of this new procedure, now is the time.

You should be waxing

If you’re not already taking steps to manage or trim your vaginal area, you’re in the minority. One article from Mother Jones showcased a study from the University of California-San Francisco in which more than 3,000 women between 18 and 65 were surveyed. An astounding 84 percent of those women said they shaved or waxed their intimate areas to some degree. Surprisingly, the vast majority (about 62 percent) said they regularly removed all of the hair on their vagina.

Of the available hair removal procedures, bikini waxing ranks as one of the most popular. They’re quick and often involve minimal pain. They also last much longer than shaving. Best of all, the hair that grows back comes in lighter and thinner.

Of course, for those women who choose to go with face and body waxing in Gilbert, AZ, a vajacial could prove to be a huge benefit.

The basics of vajacials

Much like a facial, a vajacial is a spa treatment designed to rejuvenate the skin along the bikini line and the outer labia. A vajacial provides several beneficial functions:

  • Treat ingrown hairs
  • Smooth bumps
  • Fight acne
  • Improve coloring
  • Remove dead skin cells

For those women who regularly shave or wax their bikini area, a vajacial can provide enormous relief.

What should I expect during my vajacial?

A vajacial is most beneficial a week to 10 days after waxing. They take nearly an hour to perform (unlike a bikini wax, which only takes about 15 minutes). The treatment professional will cleanse the area, apply a minor exfoliant, get rid of ingrown hairs and then treat the area with a soothing mask.

Those women who find the waxing process disruptive to their skincare regimen often find a lot to love in a regular vajacial.

Your waxing experts

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