Waxing: When to Do It and How to Employ Proper Aftercare

Summer is rapidly approaching, which means we’ll all be baring a lot more skin in the coming months. If you’re dreading your regular hair removal process, be it shaving or otherwise, you’ve probably considered waxing. It provides longer-lasting results and smoother skin, and when done right, it’s nowhere near as painful as popular culture makes it sound.

Intimidated by trying waxing for the first time? You’re not the first. Read on to learn about the waxing and aftercare process in Gilbert, AZ, then call Gilbert Wax Bar, LLC to schedule your first waxing appointment.

Who should try waxing?

Anyone can use wax to remove their unwanted body hair, no matter their age, skin type or gender. Razors are expensive and can leave behind irritation, sensitive skin and ingrown hairs—plus, most people have to keep up with it daily. Who has time for that?

Waxing is a good option if you:

  • Want to save time on your routine: Even if you spend just five minutes shaving every day, that time adds up. Waxing can take one more thing off the daily to-do list, which is a blessing for those who are constantly on the go. Plus, the hair grows in less noticeably, and often becomes finer with regular waxing.
  • Want smooth, less irritated skin: Shaving leaves behind irritation, bumps and ingrown hairs, which can be difficult to deal with and even leave behind scarring. Waxing guarantees smooth, soft skin with less irritation, especially when you practice proper aftercare.
  • Have a special event coming up: Are you an athlete, model or preparing for a vacation or wedding? Waxing can be done for anyone looking to establish a regular wax routine, but it’s also popular for those who have special events on the horizon.
  • Have any skin type: No matter what kind of skin type you have, waxing can work for you. Different methods can be used to customize treatment for dry, oily, sensitive or combination skin types.

When should I wax?

Generally, you should wax when you have two to three weeks’ worth of hair growth for best results. If you’re a woman, waxing during “that time of the month” can be more painful due to the increased hormones in your body, making your skin slightly more sensitive.

Before your appointment, you should make sure your skin is thoroughly clean and free of bacteria and oil using a gentle cleanser to avoid irritating the skin. Be sure you haven’t ingested any blood-thinning pain medications (such as acetaminophen) or alcohol for at least eight hours before your appointment. Ingesting substances that thin your blood can increase skin sensitivity or cause bleeding during the session.

Waxing aftercare in Gilbert, AZ

To best avoid irritation, avoid wearing tight fitting clothing shortly before and after your appointment, and use mild, fragrance-free lotions to keep skin moisturized.

Following these waxing instructions in Gilbert, AZ will help make your appointment—and your results—at Gilbert Wax Bar, LLC as painless as possible. Call us today to book your appointment.

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