Types of Wax Used at Gilbert Wax Bar, LLC

There’s nothing quite as irritating as the hassle of shaving, plucking and trimming unwanted body hair. You have to purchase so many different products to maintain your body hair at home. Then, you spend all of that time trying to achieve the aesthetic you want, only to find you shaved, plucked or trimmed too much or not enough. That’s one of the many reasons why clients schedule appointments with the pros for face and body waxing in Gilbert, AZ.

The right body wax for you

One of the questions we receive when people come in for face and body waxing in Gilbert, AZ concerns what wax we’ll use to remove the hair. The answer depends on various factors, such as what part of your body you want waxed and your skin’s sensitivity.

Our aestheticians use all-natural organic soft and hard waxes with clients to ensure the best results. Before applying any products, you and your aesthetician discuss the process and the type of wax we’ll apply during your appointment.

Hard wax

Some people hear “hard wax” and assume this process hurts more than using soft wax. Actually, hard wax works best on small, sensitive parts of your body such as your face, bikini line and underarms.

Hard wax adheres to shorter hair better than soft wax. This means a second wax application in the same area of your body is not required.

Unlike soft wax, hard wax doesn’t require a muslin strip. The aesthetician applies the warmed wax using a spatula. The heated wax opens up the hair follicles and pores, making it easier to extract those unwanted hairs.

The wax begins to harden as soon as it hits your skin and attaches itself to the small hairs in the area. After allowing the wax to cool for a few moments, the aesthetician removes it without pulling on the skin beneath.

Soft wax

Aestheticians apply soft wax when removing hair from larger areas of the body, such as the legs, arms or back. Once the soft wax goes on your skin, a muslin strip goes on top and is quickly removed. Soft wax doesn’t need as much time to harden on the skin as hard wax.

Since soft wax adheres to the skin and the hair, this process exfoliates your skin, unlike using hard wax. While hard wax grabs shorter hairs more effectively, soft wax gets those ultra-fine hairs.

Your next waxing appointment

You want to allow your body hair to grow out at least ¼ inch (the length of a grain of rice) before your next waxing appointment. When you arrive at our wax bar, you’ll want to talk to your aesthetician about skin sensitivities or allergies.

We’ve trained all of our aestheticians to know the best wax to use for every situation. Additionally, we’ve even formulated our own hard wax that removes deep hair roots, calms the skin and requires fewer aftercare products.

We want you to always feel comfortable during your appointment and happy with the results afterward. Please feel free to honestly communicate your concerns and needs with your aesthetician.

Book an appointment now for face and body waxing in Gilbert, AZ at our high-quality wax bar!

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