Eyebrow Tinting in Gilbert, AZ

Facial definition comes from our unique features, like eyebrows and eyelashes. If you’ve got fair skin and fair hair, it can be hard to contour your face and draw attention to your eyes. Let Gilbert Wax Bar help! We offer eyebrow and lash tinting to darken your features, bringing prominence to your appearance and accenting the features that are unique to you. If you’re looking for an alternative to microblading and permanent makeup in Gilbert, AZ, we provide it!

Our eyebrow and lash tinting services are noninvasive and pain-free, and can be applied in just minutes. With a variety of different hues tailored to every individual, you’ll love the results!

Eyebrow Tinting

Sick of penciling in your eyebrows every day so they look fuller and more defined? Need to enhance your brow color to match your new hair color? Come to us for eyebrow tinting!

Eyebrow tinting is a simple, pain-free way to subtly darken the color of your brows to add definition to your face or to match your new hair color. We use a semi-permanent dye, applied to your eyebrows, to darken and tint them. Our process coats brows entirely to ensure an even, consistent look that can last for weeks! You’ll leave your appointment with brows that are on-pointe, looking prim and proper.

  • Eyebrow tint ……………….$10

Lash Tinting

Lash tinting is a pain-free, hassle-free alternative to fake lashes or lash extensions. It’s a wonderful way to bring definition to your eyes and make your makeup pop!

Like eyebrow tinting, a lash tint is a great way to bring strong color to your lashes. It draws attention to your eyes and can make them look fuller and more defined. The semi-permanent dye we use won’t irritate or inflame your lashes, eyes or eyelids, and the entire process is quick and painless. You’ll walk out with confidence, looking at the world with fresh eyes and amazing lashes!

  • Eyelash Tint ………………$10

Give Your Features Definition

You’ve got beautiful features, unique to you. It’s time to draw attention to them! Come to Gilbert Wax Bar for eyebrow and lash tinting treatments that add color and depth to your defining features. Schedule an appointment today at 480-638-8994 and don’t be afraid to ask your esthetician questions. We’re here to educate!

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