Summer Waxing Tips for Men

Removing body hair is no longer reserved for women. Many men seek waxing services for aesthetic and comfort reasons. Men’s waxing is available in Gilbert, AZ, and is more popular with every passing year. So, if you wish to “manscape,” you are not alone! Here are five areas to consider waxing and how to prepare them for your first appointment:

  • Chest and back: Chest and back hair are dark and noticeable. Thick hair detracts from muscle tone, and sometimes it retains odor and heat. Many men feel they roast in the Arizona heat with their full-body hair and often seek waxing as a relief. While the first instinct is to shave these areas, the results of waxing last longer. If you wish to wax your chest and back, start by trimming your hair down to a quarter inch. That length is long enough for the wax to grip the hair, but will be less uncomfortable than waxing longer hair. Once waxed, avoid sun exposure for a few days, and only use fragrance-free products until your skin heals.
  • Shoulders and neck: These areas are less noticeable, and on some men, the hair is not nearly as thick. But many feel that once they wax their chest and back, they might as well include the shoulders and neck. It produces a cleaner appearance. Just as with a chest and back wax, avoid sun exposure for a few days after your appointment. Otherwise, you risk rashes and hyperpigmentation.
  • Legs: Competitive cyclists and swimmers wax their legs to create better aerodynamics, but there is no shame in waxing your legs just for a confidence boost. However, it is all up to you. No one who waxes their legs regrets it, and they often enjoy smooth skin and showing muscle tone. To make this wax easier, exfoliate your skin and trim your hair down to a quarter inch. Taking these steps also reduces the possibility of painful ingrown hairs, and you will enjoy smoother skin under your wax.
  • Brazilian wax: Grooming private areas on your own often involves missing spots or getting razor burn where no one should suffer it. If you do not want a razor blade anywhere near that area, we don’t blame you. Try a Brazilian wax instead. This treatment is just as popular with men as with women, and you can remove as little or as much as you want. You gain a cleaner swimsuit line, but also enjoy less odor and better hygiene. However, have no doubt—the Brazilian wax will hurt. Take ibuprofen before your appointment to reduce pain, and wear loose clothing. The less friction you cause to the area, the less likely you are to face a skin infection.
  • Face and ears: If you need a break from shaving, look into facial waxing. We can cover cheeks, chin, neckline and lips. Also, many men dread growing ear and nose hair. Don’t worry—we can wax that off, too!

Gilbert Wax Bar, LLC offers men’s waxing in Gilbert, AZ. We offer full facial and full body waxing, including Brazilian waxing designed with men in mind. Call us today to learn more and schedule your appointment.

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