Pamper Yourself During the Holidays with a Wax Treatment

It’s been a long year for most of the country—and chances are, you’re no exception. With all that we have to worry about lately—including the upcoming holidays—many people find themselves feeling tired and run-down this time of year. That’s why many of our clients choose to book appointments and pamper themselves.

Face and body waxing appointments can be a valid form of self-care in Gilbert, AZ. Whether you want to look nice for your holiday get-togethers, or just get an hour to yourself, wax treatments are a great way to accomplish both.

Here’s our suggested beauty routine—and when you’re booking your wax appointment with us, remember that we perform eyebrow and lash tinting, too.

Try a Facial

Even when holiday celebrations are scaled back more than normal, you still want to look nice for the photos (or the Zoom calls). The week before your first event, get a facial. It’ll help reduce any fine lines, hydrate your skin and give you a healthy glow from exfoliating. Some people prefer peels or laser treatments to get rid of the worst of their summer damage.

Follow up your facials with hydrating at-home treatments. Invest in a great moisturizer and mask to keep the facial results looking fresh.

Schedule Wax Appointments Strategically

If you plan to party it up—out in the world or with your significant other at home—schedule your waxing appointments strategically. Depending on your hair growth rate, you can usually leave three to six weeks between appointments.

Also, leave a few days in between your waxing appointments and your big events. That way, you’ll have enough time to reduce any irritation that may occur after the appointment.

Exfoliate with Abandon

Waxing helps exfoliate, but that doesn’t mean you should leave it for waxing appointments only. A good body scrub can turn your daily showers into a spa experience—and it’ll leave your whole body glowing. That’s essential when you’re planning to wear party outfits that reveal your arms, legs and back.

Get a Long-Lasting Manicure

Choose your manicure timing carefully—if you get a long-lasting gel manicure, it can last through Thanksgiving and Christmas. That’ll leave you free to get an ultra-sparkly, updated look for your New Year’s Eve celebrations. Bonus: gel manicures are less likely to chip or peel while doing the dishes, working, taking care of the kids and more.

Get a Great Cut

Finally, this is a great time to think about sporting a new haircut. Get your cut a week before your first big event, then schedule trims four to six weeks afterwards. A good haircut can actually cut down your grooming time. That means you’ll look great all season long, with much less effort.

When you’re ready to schedule your face and body waxing appointment in Gilbert, AZ, call the Gilbert Wax Bar. We offer the full spectrum of waxing services for both men and women.

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