Our Best Tips for Proper Facial Exfoliation

Want to improve your facial tone and texture? Want to avoid enlarged pores and rough, dry skin? Proper facial exfoliation is key.

Use the following tips to complete face exfoliation for waxing preparation or as part of your regular beauty routine to keep your face looking youthful and fresh.

Six reasons to exfoliate your face

You may be wondering why proper facial exfoliation is even necessary. The fact is exfoliating your face offers several benefits:

  1. Prevents the buildup of dead skin cells (which lead to a rough and dull appearance)
  2. Releases oil that has become clogged in your pores
  3. Helps fade age and sun spots
  4. Minimizes acne scars
  5. Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  6. Prepares the skin for moisturizers and acne treatments

Six steps to achieve proper facial exfoliation

Once you’ve decided to reap the benefits of proper facial exfoliation, it’s important to use the right method. You want to exfoliate gently to avoid damaging or irritating your skin.

Use the following steps for proper facial exfoliation:

  1. Moisten your face;
  2. Apply the exfoliator;
  3. Massage the exfoliant onto your face in a circular motion, starting with the forehead and nose and working outward;
  4. Scrub your cheeks with an upward, circular motion, moving from the nose to the ears;
  5. Move on to the jaw, using gentle strokes and stopping at the neck;
  6. Rinse your face with lukewarm water and pat dry.

Six tips for proper facial exfoliation

Of course, there are many methods and products available to assist you with face exfoliation for waxing preparation. There are also many skin types, each of which requires special care when exfoliating. Keep the following tips in mind as you complete your facial exfoliation.

Sensitive skin:

  • If you have sensitive skin, avoid scrubs with beady parts.
  • Use a mild exfoliant one to two times a week at the most.

Oily skin:

  • If you have oily skin, you can exfoliate up to five times a week.
  • Use a cleansing tool in the morning and a serum or peel at night.

Normal skin:

  • If your skin is average or if you have combination skin, you can use mechanical exfoliation or chemical exfoliation for proper facial exfoliation.
  • Use the method of your choice up to three times each week.

Six ways an esthetician can help

You’re not alone in your quest for better skin! Contact an esthetician today for expert insights:

  • Confirm your skin type, so you can choose the best products.
  • Get expert input on the right products for the results you want.
  • Learn tips for the best exfoliation methods.
  • Purchase quality exfoliants you can trust.
  • Find organic and eco-friendly products.
  • Properly prepare for your wax treatment.

Reap the benefits

For proper facial exfoliation, consult with the experts at Gilbert Wax Bar, LLC. We specialize in skin care, offering a complete line of organic and cruelty-free products. Call today to schedule an appointment with one of our licensed estheticians. Reach us at 480-638-8994. We look forward to helping you look and feel your best.

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