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Michele has been an esthetician for over 25 years. She started her business, The Beauty Room, out of her home in Oregon. When she moved to Arizona in 2011, she continued to build her business. Michele had a dream to take her home business commercial one day, and to treat every person with a luxurious and uplifting experience. Despite all the barriers that 2020 had, Gilbert Wax Bar was born! Michele loves the instant gratification that comes from the client’s services. One of Michele’s favorite things about the job is educating others on all things hair removal and skin care.


Jessica is our Social Media Manager. Jessica has always been passionate about helping others. She has an extensive background working in mental health services. She loves being able to help others learn the importance of self care and communication. Jessica is so excited to join the team and help expand the Gilbert Wax Bar community, near and far. She is eager to be a part of growing the engagement and interactions with clients and customers through social media. An Oregonian at heart, Jessica cares about the environment, cares about people and loves traveling!


Payton is head of our HR department. Payton has a wealth of knowledge in customer service and thrives with creating organization. Payton loves the close relationships she gets to build with team members and the community. And one of her favorite parts of the job is being able to get creative in collaborative problem solving within the business and with others she engages with. When she isn’t at work, Payton loves hanging out with her adorable cats in her 300 square foot tiny home that she has decorated with an ever growing plants collection.



Ximena came to Gilbert Wax Bar with a determination to learn and grow, and has done so every day. She prides herself in her ability to bring out the best in your natural brows, regardless of their condition when you step into the salon. Ximena is always looking for new techniques and services to provide for her clients to make them feel their best. When she’s not perfecting your brows, she is painting at her home, or hiking the beautiful trails in Arizona. Oftentimes she forgets how difficult some hikes can be until halfway up, but that doesn’t stop her from going for it anyway. Ask her about her latest hikes, artwork or beauty technique next time you’re in the salon!



Nani has been a licensed cosmetologist for 16 years. She is passionate about helping others see their inherent, natural beauty with each of the waxing, tinting and facial services she specialized in. She is a natural caregiver and makes an effort to give every client a positive and encouraging experience. She adores her large family, and loves to raise animals as well! In her spare time, she works as a death positivity educator/doula, and green burial advocate, helping to facilitate a positive end of life experience for the families and loved ones she works alongside.


Jennifer has been a licensed esthetician for 16 years. She actually holds licenses in Arizona, California and New York. For the last 10 years, she has been working on perfecting her esthetics career as a waxer and trainer for European Wax Center in California. Jennifer loves everything related to skin care, but really enjoys full body waxing the most. Jennifer has also united her esthetician background with modeling and photography.


Emily got into esthetics because she loves that this job can always provide a new and different experience each day. She loves to help others feel comfortable and beautiful in their own skin. Emily is also passionate about helping others. In fact, before getting into esthetics, Emily was actually a phlebotomist for 5 years. Emily loves to travel and she has been to 14 countries! She also loves family time and caring for others.


Erin loves working in esthetics and trying to give clients a luxurious experience. She has a few favorite services she loves to do. Erin loves carving out some fierce brows and giving them a great tint! She also loves giving clients facials.


Mackenzie has spent her whole life interested in skin, makeup, and all things beauty! She was drawn to the positive atmosphere here at Gilbert Wax Bar. She was eager to be a part of that positivity and to have a job where she loves what she does. Mackenzie’s favorite part of the job is to help others find the confidence within themselves.


Gracie helps run our front desk. She has known Michele, Gilbert Wax Bar’s owner, since she was 14 and has trusted her for all her waxing needs since then. When Gracie heard Michele was opening the Wax Bar, she was so eager to be a part of it any way that she can. Gracie loves learning new things and interacting with everyone on the job. She loves doing her part to make sure that everyone that comes in feels welcomed.


Maya is our spray tan technician and aesthetics student. Maya loves the way that health and beauty are interconnected and how those two things can work together to help improve lives. Maya is excited to build relationships with others and help them to indulge in self care. Maya understands that clients trust estheticians to give them the best care possible, and that is why she wanted to work here at Gilbert Wax Bar. Maya hopes to continue to learn, grow and advance while here at Gilbert Wax Bar.