Introducing Brow Lamination

Getting Instagram-worthy eyebrows is not as easy as influencers would make it seem. From waxing to tinting to microblading, there are numerous options for having lustrous brows. However, the results we’re seeing with brow lamination in Gilbert, AZ are quite simply drop dead gorgeous.

Learn more about this new service

Many of our clients who have come to us for eyebrow waxing in Gilbert, AZ are trying to manage unruly hairs that don’t respond to gels, soaps and other products. Luckily, this trending eyebrow treatment is making this an issue of the past.

Having your eyebrows laminated means applying two styling solutions to chemically relax the hairs so they are more easily shaped. The process of laminating your brows is actually similar to perming hair, just on a much smaller scale.

What can I expect?

In total, your appointment for brow lamination in Gilbert, AZ will take about 45 minutes. Your brow artist will begin by cleaning the area. It’s easier if you aren’t wearing any eye makeup, particularly any brow products. The brows will be outlined with a wax pen to minimize transference to the skin of the treatment solutions used.

Then the actual lamination process begins. An initial solution is applied that breaks down the bonds in your hair so they can be shaped as needed. Your brow technician moves and places the hairs to achieve the desired aesthetic. A second treatment is then administered to rebuild the broken bonds with the hair perfectly coiffed. You’ll then take a few minutes to allow a conditioner to set in to really refresh those brows. Your brow technician may do a bit of shaping, trimming or tinting when the laminating is over.

How long does it last?

Depending on your hair growth cycle, your laminated brows won’t need to be redone for six to eight weeks. Please note that any water, heat or oil on your eyebrows within 24 hours of your laminating appointment will undo all of the work, so be very careful. In the weeks following that, you are free to do what you want with your brows, but you’ll find that you won’t need much more than a clean spoolie to fluff them up a bit before you leave the house.

Who can have their brows laminated?

Here’s the great thing about this process: it makes anyone’s brows look fuller and more prominent. Even if you’ve gone through years of microblading or eyebrow waxing in Gilbert, AZ, laminating will still yield stunning results.

The laminating treatment fills in gaps, increases strand volume and creates the shape that is best suited for your face. Client after client cannot believe the brows they have when they look in the mirror after lamination. It’s really one of the most exciting innovations in eyebrow artistry we’ve seen at Gilbert Wax Bar, LLC!

If you are like many people in our community, you are eager to try brow laminating in Gilbert, AZ. Don’t wait to schedule your appointment. Contact us now to book your first laminating session.

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