Gilbert Wax Bar: Our Story

As one of the newest local businesses in Gilbert, AZ, Gilbert Wax Bar, LLC is excited to be a part of the local community and make our clients look and feel great. Here’s our story—and why we’re looking forward to meeting friends, new and old, at our premier waxing bar.

The Gilbert Wax Bar story

Michele Brown started her career as an esthetician and nail technician in 2001, and a few years later, realized that her passion for her career could be parlayed into something more. That’s why she started working from home as well as at her previous salon in early 2004. Late that year, she took the plunge and started working from home exclusively and full time.
It quickly became evident that working from home offered Michele the flexibility to have a successful business and raise a family. As an esthetician, you often have a personal as well as a professional relationship with your clients, which is why she appreciated the vested interest her clients took in her and her family.

The dream to open up a salon of her own came about in 2009, but it wasn’t until she relocated with her family from Oregon to Arizona in 2011, and once again started another business from home, that Michele realized her business was going to outgrow her home. She revisited the idea of opening up a salon.

Michele spent 2012 to 2019 learning what it would take to move her home business into a commercial salon, working all the while. Starting a new business can be a scary and risky endeavor, but with her current success, she decided to take the plunge in March 2020 to open Gilbert Wax Bar.

Looking to the future

Today, the goal of Gilbert Wax Bar is to operate in a way that keeps clients confident in our expertise by offering the latest esthetic techniques and constantly improving our skills. Our estheticians go through extensive training to learn how to customize treatments for all different skin types and medical needs, and we emphasize a welcoming, knowledgeable approach so that everyone feels comfortable the moment they walk in the door.

Construction of the salon will begin in April 2020, and we’ll be moving as quickly as possible to open our doors to the public! The goal is to open for business in May of 2020, but we may need to postpone, as we will be following the requirements and suggestions of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Our business depends on the health and safety of our clients, so we want to guarantee it’s safe for our clients and staff to join us as we open our doors.

We’re all so excited to have a new home for our existing clientele, as well as meet all the new people the salon will bring!

New local waxing business in Gilbert, AZ

Are you looking for a waxing salon that makes you feel comfortable and safe? The team at Gilbert Wax Bar, LLC offers a full variety of waxing services, as well as facials and body scrubs. Call today to learn more.

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