Gilbert Wax Bar Is Opening Soon!

It feels like we’ve been waiting forever, but the team behind Gilbert Wax Bar, LLC is pleased to announce that our opening is right around the corner. Launching a new small business is a challenge for just about everyone, and when you add in a global pandemic, things have been delayed more than we would have preferred. At long last, though, our waxing salon in Gilbert, AZ is just about ready to serve the public.

Our timeline

We’re so happy to announce that construction will commence this month! Our construction completion date is set for June 8, at which point we will be hurrying to put the finishing touches on this space, complete our salon employee training, and get ready to throw open our doors to the world. After the construction is done and the dust settles, we plan to open our doors very soon after—stay tuned for the exact date, which will be announced as soon as possible.

Of course, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, we need to take things slow to make sure we can comply with the highest levels of safety and health standards. We will start with a “soft open,” to ensure the safety of our employees and clients. This means we’ll be operating with a lower volume of staff and appointments during that time, as we work with the city and state to make sure our waxing salon in Gilbert, AZ is complying with health and safety regulations, and that we can continue to guarantee our clients’ health and safety.

After the soft open, we will have our grand opening, at which point we will be open to the rest of the public. We’re looking forward to starting our business off with a bang, and can promise a grand opening you’ll be excited to attend. Currently, the projected date for the grand opening is in late June or early July, depending on whether the global pandemic situation changes, and whether any other variables come into play.

Will you join us for our grand opening?

We’re so excited to serve the Gilbert area, and grow in this beautiful community! If you’re not familiar with the Gilbert Wax Bar, LLC model, we are offering salon facial and body waxing and eyelash and brow tinting in a relaxed environment. Because we want to be part of the Gilbert community, we’ve made an effort to work with local artists to feature their art on our walls—you can come in for a salon experience, and also go home with a brand-new piece of art.

We’ve recently hired a team of over 20 salon pros who are dedicated to providing the best waxing and salon experience possible. Whether you’re familiar with the waxing process or are getting ready to try it for the first time, we can guarantee a great time that will help you look and feel your best.

Ready to book an appointment? Call Gilbert Wax Bar, LLC today to be one of the first to try our waxing salon in Gilbert, AZ when we open our doors!

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