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What Are the Different Types of Spray Tans?

If you long for a golden glow all year long, you’re not the only one! Unfortunately, exposure to UV radiation is a good way to get skin cancer, wrinkles and age spots. That’s why so many people turn to spray tanning. If you’re new to spray tans, you might not realize that there are four […]

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Spray Tanning Dos and Don’ts

At this point, everyone knows that lying out in the sun, while relaxing, increases your skin cancer risk significantly. Even if you coat yourself in SPF 50 every time you go out, every sunburn and suntan could be doing irreparable damage. Plus, sun damage causes premature aging—and who needs any extra wrinkles? That’s why spray […]

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The Secrets to Spray Tanning: Before and After Tips

With summer here, sporting a healthy glow is at the top of many people’s to-do lists—but tanning in beds or out in the sun isn’t exactly great for your skin. To get the best of both worlds, spray tanning in Gilbert, AZ is a fast, easy way to look like you’ve spent a week in […]

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